Community of Ice Chewers

9 09 2007

Here’s a community of ice chewers – people who are addicted to chewing ice. I thought I had a problem because I used to chew ice after basketball, but it’s nothing compared to these people who are chomping down cups of ice every day. Quoting lresper, “If I don’t have my ice my friends tell me I need to get some because my attitude changes. I don’t like to share my ice with know one not een my kids. They like ice too so when I get my 4 cups in the morning on my way to take them to daycare I get them a little cup.” Now, now. Who’s going crazy? Sounds as if they are on drugs or something.


10 creative doorstops

9 09 2007

10 different doorstops which catch the eye. This guy, whoops, I mean doorstopper really looks as if he’s trying to hold the door while all the strength his tiny plastic body can exert.

Creative Tissue Boxes

9 09 2007

Here is a collection of tissue boxes. Not your normal plain old Kleenex ones. My favourite is this. Guy blowing out tissue so that you can blow your nose on the piece of tissue. Ironic isn’t it?

World’s greatest micro artist

9 09 2007

Willard Wigan is a micro artist who works with a powerful electric microscope. Yes, that is the eye of the needle if you were wondering. Quoting him,”…when I don’t use the microscope and, instead, look at the piece with my own eyes, I can detect nothing more than a speck of dust wedged in the eye of the needle. This speck, though, took more than three months to make it.” Willard explains that he meditates to lower his pulse rate (probably to make his hands steadier). His above work is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The Fantasy Worlds of Jacek Yerka

9 09 2007

Jacek Yerka is an artist who does wonderful art.


This is one of his pieces entitled Pearl Harbour.

59 of the coolest toilet signs

9 09 2007

A collection of toilet signs throughout the world. Males and females as seen through different eyes.

This one is from Seoul, Korea.

Sam’s Mailboxes

9 09 2007

A collection of weird and quirky pictures of mailboxes.