Human Flipbook

14 10 2007

Advertisement using 150 shirts, 9 hours of standing and a wonderful intern


Light Graffiti

14 10 2007

This website has many pictures an video of Light Graffiti created using long exposure settings on cameras. Pretty cool and awesome stuff.

World’s greatest micro artist

9 09 2007

Willard Wigan is a micro artist who works with a powerful electric microscope. Yes, that is the eye of the needle if you were wondering. Quoting him,”…when I don’t use the microscope and, instead, look at the piece with my own eyes, I can detect nothing more than a speck of dust wedged in the eye of the needle. This speck, though, took more than three months to make it.” Willard explains that he meditates to lower his pulse rate (probably to make his hands steadier). His above work is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.